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how to do atlanta – ms ann’s snack bar

People – especially Southerners, and especially Southerners in the ‘hood – have a tendency to exaggerate. Hey, man! You seen Tiny lately? That boy done got big as a house!" "Don’t say?" "Yeah, I saw him last Tuesday and I swear fo’ God you could land a plane on his backside!" Exaggeration and braggadocio are…

how to do atlanta – vickery’s glenwood 0

how to do atlanta – vickery’s glenwood

  Despite the fact that I live pretty close to Vickery’s and Glenwood Park, I’ve never done more than drive past both of them on a few occasions. Recently, a friend of mine suggested we have lunch there, so I finally got a chance to check it out. As soon as I entered Vickery’s, I…