What does it mean to live a good life?

I mean a really good life.

Not the one that you were told to live. Not the one you thought you’d be living when you were a little kid. Not the one that the commercials and magazine ads try to sell you.

No. I’m talking about the life you really want. The one that you might even be a little afraid to live because it doesn’t exactly meet the standard definition of ‘normal’.

A life that aligns with your personal values. A life that you don’t feel like you need to ‘check out of’ in order to earn money or be considered successful. A life that allows you time to learn, to travel, to explore new ideas and ways of thinking, to take care of yourself mind, body and soul.

I’ve been asking myself this question for years. Sometimes, I’ve come up with answers.

Yet, amidst the pressures of everyday living – the pressure to conform, the pressure to remain the same, the pressure to do exactly what everyone else is doing – I often forget. I even occasionally lose my way.

Which is why I started this blog.

The Good Life Cookbook is my personal collection of recipes. Recipes that I’ve used (and am still using) to create my own definition of a good life.

A word of caution: The recipes here are not exact. They are meant to inspire you to go and create your own version of each dish. There is a chance that things might get messy. There may be a few spills and lots of tiny little tweaks and adjustments along the way. But, I hope you will savor every moment of it. I know I will.

Kisha Solomon
a.k.a., ‘ksolo’


About the Author

savoring life

Hi, I’m Kisha Solomon. I created The Good Life Cookbook because ultimately, there’s only one dish I’m ever working on. My life.
I’m looking to create a life that doesn’t interfere with my living. Where there is time to prepare a nutritious, home-cooked meal in the middle of the day. Where travel is a valid form of education. Where work is also play.

My life – like the recipes I often create in my kitchen – is an experiment. It’s my playground for tasting, attempting, making mistakes and refining until I feel I’ve gotten a thing just right.
I like sharing the results of my experiments with friends, family, and others who have the same interests. I’m always looking for new ingredients, flavors, and techniques to incorporate into what I have already learned. I especially like taking traditional recipes or ideas, and tweaking them just a bit.

Among other things, I am:
a home cook,
a knowledge worker
a serial expat,
a Southerner,
a black American,
a woman,
a perpetual student.

All of these elements find their way into my stories and my recipes. They make up the unique flavor I bring to the table. They are my contribution to the big potluck that is life.

Pull up a chair, and grab a plate. There’s always plenty to go around.