v-day poll results and some unconventional v-day events in atlanta

A couple of weeks ago, I polled guys and ladies separately on what sort of gift you’d like most for Valentine’s Day. Well, the results are in!


While they weren’t all that surprising – women overwhelmingly prefer ‘experience gifts’ to stuff like flowers and candy (wait, you guys did know that already right?), and men didn’t really have a preference –  what was surprising is that more women than men responded that they thought Valentine’s Day was for suckas, and 10% of the ladies who responded said that they just wanted ‘to be left alone’. C’mon girlfriends, it can’t be that bad out there… can it? 

Whether you’re single or seeing someone, here are my picks for some unconventional ways to spend this Valentine’s Day in Atlanta.

Witness the Black Man-o-logues – This play by DreamCatcher Productions at the 14th Street Playhouse answers the question, “What runs through the head of a black man when he is confronted with the subject Love?” Shows Saturday and Sunday. For more info:  http://www.catchingdreamz.com/

Take a Trip to Jeju Sauna –  A spa retreat like you’ve never experienced before. Just a short trip to Duluth, and you can lose yourself in another world for a whole day. Check out my review of Jeju Sauna on Trazzler.

Celebrate Valloween – A combination Halloween costume party with the sexiness of Valentine’s Day for both singles and couples. Because there’s “nothing better than playing dress-up to make a depressing holiday more palatable.” For more info: http://professionalmuse.net/

Hey Love: Bilal, Foreign Exchange, Jesse Boykins III – Sexy soulfulness takes Center Stage on Friday. Bring your boo or plan on finding one when you get there. Tickets at Mood’s Music in Little Five Points and Ticketmaster

Bloom at Lenox Mall – Lauri Stallings, the choreographer behind the 2008 genre-blending production big, that thrust ballet dancers onto the stage with Atlanta’s own Big Boi, will be taking dance to another platform this weekend at Lenox Mall. Bloom, the 3rd site-specific art installation from Atlanta-based gloATL, will feature dancers interacting with shoppers in the arteries of the mall. Spoken word artist Big Rube will also perform. It’s sure to be a sight! For more info: http://www.fluxprojects.org/bloom/index.html 

V-Day Mixology Massacre – If Valentine’s day makes you want to kill something… why not make it a cocktail? The Mixology Meetup group is hosting this event at Room at Twelve on W. Peachtree. You’ll learn how to make 3 V-day inspired cocktails at your own bar station. Then you can immediately drown yourself in them. For more info:  http://www.meetup.com/Mixology-Atlanta/

Make Sweet Chocolate Love at Cacao – If cocktails ain’t your thing, how ’bout some chocolate? Make your own chocolate treats and package them up for yourself or a loved one. Might I suggest: chocolate salty balls. Cacao Atlanta in Va-Hi hosts. For more info: http://www.cacaoatlanta.com/events

To El with Valentine’s Day – El Taco says, ‘be glad you’re single”, and invites you to celebrate your solo-ness with drink specials (like $4 Hornitos Mischieve tequila shots), special prizes from the Wheel of Taco, and an in-house photo booth and tarot reader on Sunday. Get all the details here.



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Kisha Solomon is an Atlanta-based writer, self-proclaimed bon vivant and occasional expat. The Good Life Cookbook is where she shares her latest savory adventures and collected lessons on food and life.

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  1. possum jones says:

    that v-day is for sucka’s question was a setup…hell naw, no guys were responding to that. imho, v-day is the worse “holiday” of them all (commercial only). if u cant get it together for the other 364, then why that day?

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